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Due to its geographical position, Spetses is a blessed island, blooming
throughout the year. That makes it a paradise for hikers.

The mountain of Spetses resembles a turtle shell. It has a long, elongated
ridge while paths rise from the beaches located north and south. So one can walk from one side of the island to the other by climbing the mountain choosing one of the trails (there are also demarcated paths).

Hiking or cycling following the forest paths is absolute bliss, giving you the opportunity to admire the wonderful view of the Argolic Gulf and the Peloponnesian coast and it is certain that you will find yourself exploring the colorful wildflowers and the variety of the island's aromatic herbs. You can also take a tour through the regional road of the island (length of about 25 km) or take an idyllic walk on the pine-covered hill that hosts the lighthouse which is in fact one of the two oldestlighthouses that operated in Greece in 1837.

Water Sports

Spetses offers a wide variety of water sports to the visitor. Windsurfing, jet skiing, water skiing, flyboarding, canoeing, water cycling and so much
more are at your disposal. If you love diving, the island has many unique spots of marine beauty waiting for you to discover. For more information contact the 3 bellow businesses.

1.  Kaiki Watersports +(30) 2298074507
2. Babis Watersports  +(30) 6930471008
3. Costas Watersports +(30) 6944548183

Horse Riding

Discover equestrian paths and landscapes. The sounds of nature as well as the alternations of green landscapes and deep blue sea will captivate you and take you back in time. An extremely refreshing activity that will offer you an unprecedented sense of freedom. Spetses is the perfect place to try it even for once in your lifetime.
Tel:  + (30) 6942792460

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