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There are two cinemas on the island, Cine Marina and Titania Cinema. Both cinemas operate during the summer months and have two showings each evening. Usually, there is a different movie screening every night.

Calling the respective cinema, you will be informed of the daily program by an automated message. There are also posters outside each cinema, giving the weekly schedule.
Cine Marina: Tel.: + (30) 2298072110
Cine Titania: Tel.: + (30) 2298072516

Anargyrios College Open Air Amphitheatre

At the facilities of Anargyrion and Korgialenion College of Spetses in the
pine forest, there is an impressive open-air theater built according to the standards of the ancient theater. Some of the island's cultural events take place in this area as well as some theatrical performances during the

open air theatre_2.jpg
Kapodistrian House of Spetses

The Kapodistrian House of Spetses is located near St. Nikolaos Cathedral. 

The building functioned as a school "Kapodistrian Mutual School" from 1831to 1934 and was one of the 120 primary schools founded by the first governor of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias.

In 1986, a campaign was launched to renovate the building, completed in 2001. 

The Kapodistrian House of Spetses has been declared a historical monument. Today, the Kapodistrian House of Spetses hosts cultural events, theatrical performances, and meetings of associations as well as conferences.

Lighthouse Area: Art & History

In the Old Harbour, on the pine-covered hill that hosts the island's lighthouse, the late, famous sculptor Natalia Mela, has created sculptures
that form a unique artistic walk.

Kosmas Barbatsis, the young firefighter of the Turkish flagship, the Gorgona, the Taurus, and other works in the quiet area of the lighthouse, invite the visitor on a walk that will bring him in contact with both art and nature.

The emblematic statue of Bouboulina at Poseidon Square is also Natalia Mela's work.
Regarding the Lighthouse of Spetses, it is one of the two oldest lighthouses that operated in Greece in 1837. Its height is over 11 meters and it gives a flash every 5 seconds with a range of 18 nautical miles.

In the area of Faros, the place where the most powerful cannon station of Spetses was located during the Revolution against Turkish rule, one can see the church of Panagia Armata. It was built in the period 1826-1830 by the historical family of Spetses named "Koutsi" and its construction was of double importance. It was a tribute of gratitude to the Divine Power and immortalization of the historic event of September 8, 1822, that took place on the day of the Virgin Mary's birthday. The fighters of the Naval Battle of Spetses considered that it was the Virgin Mary who with her mediation helped them to defeat the Ottoman armada and save the island from destruction on September 8. So they decided to build the Church in her honor.

Akroproro Art Gallery

Art exhibitions of renowned and young Greek artists are hosted at the Acroproro Art Gallery, at the Old harbor. The Gallery is housed in a
beautiful Spetses Mansion.

Tel.: + (30)2298072643

Book Fairs

Τhere are two open-air Book Fairs every year during the summer months.

The one that takes place at the Poseidonio Squareplace is organised under the auspices of the Association of Women of Spetses.

The other takes place in Dapia, opposite the Anargyrou house, under the auspices of the "Achinos" bookstore.

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