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St. Nicolas Cathedral

The majestic church of Aghios Nikolaos started as a monastery in 1700 and since 1800 it functioned as a metropolitan church.

Here, on April 3, 1821, they revolted against the Turks. The bell tower of Aghios Nikolaos, which has been characterized as a masterpiece of art, has become the subject of special study. It was built with Tinian marble by Tinian craftsmen in 1805. The bell tower of Aghios Nikolaos is 10 meters high and together with its base, it reaches 16 meters.

The magnificent pebbled courtyard in front of the church hosts a monument to the fallen - a bronze work made by the sculptor V. Kesses, framed by two cannons of the Revolution.

Monastery of All Saints

The Monastery of All Saints is the main monastery of Spetses. The benefactor of the island, S. Anargyrou and D. Goudis (pyramid) is buried in the adjacent cemetery.

The monastery was founded around 1830-33 and has been operating continuously ever since.

In 2001, static problems were identified in the dome and foundations of the old church, which was completely demolished and replaced by a new larger church.

It is worth watching the overnight awakenings that take place as well as the overnight services of Holy Week.

Every Sunday after the Divine Liturgy, the nuns offer coffee, crackers, and milk in the courtyard of the monastery.

The nuns are also known for their paintings of wonderful hagiographies.

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