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Dear Guests

We would like to inform you that here at Arolithos we have adopted strict standards of cleanliness and hygiene, always having as our main goal, the safety and the perfect service of our visitors. Following closely the instructions of EODY (National Health Organization)  as well as WHO, we have taken additional preventive measures in order to better shield our Guesthouse against COVID-19, so that you feel safe & relaxed during your stay with us.

Arolithos Team

  • In cooperation with an accredited Certification Company, our staff has been trained in compliance with health protocols, in taking measures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 and in dealing procedure with a suspected case.


  • Our staff is familiar with our Action plan for suspected cases, which is in perfect harmony with the Paragraph III of Government´s Gazette B '2084 / 30-05-2020.


  • We have made sure that every member of our staff has the essential, personal, protective equipment. At the same time, we have appointed a Coordinator who oversees the safe operation of the accommodation and gives instructions and directs to the staff if necessary, always in accordance with the instructions of the Competent Authorities.


  • The Coordinator of Arolithos keeps the "Accommodation file and event book" according to the requirements of the State, which is a file with the complete data of all the guests so that it is possible to communicate with the close contacts in the case of any COVID-19 impact, which may be identified afterwards. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is strictly followed and the file is kept for public health protection reasons only.

Arolithos Guesthouse

  • Consistent with government directives, we have extended the time between check-out and check-in. Check-out is until 11.00 am and check-in is from 3.00 pm.

  • The disinfection of each room's keys is carried out in a special sterilizer appliance during their delivery to us (check out) and is repeated in the presence of the next guest before we give them to him/her (check-in).

  • The accommodation maintains the necessary, special equipment (medical kit) in case of a suspected case (disposable masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes, apron, long-sleeved robe, laser thermometer).

  • In each room and in common areas too, there are information leaflets with the basic health instructions.

  • Antiseptics are available in all common areas and also in each room in individual packaging for our guests.

  • Upon request, we provide individual disposable masks to our guests and they can also be thermometer with a laser thermometer if requested.

  • Following the orders of the Competent Authorities, visitors that are not tenants of the accommodation are not allowed on the premises.

Αrolithos Breakfast

Due to these unprecedented conditions that we are all facing and having always as our greatest aim to provide our guests with the feeling of safety, so they can spend their holidays peacefully, our breakfast this year will be placed in advance in your room in a basket, utilizing the service of contactless delivery.


In order for our goods this year to be packaged in individual portions where possible, but to maintain the high quality of handmade that we offer you for so many years, we worked with small specialized production units, which we selected with very strict criteria.

Cleaning & Flooring

In order to limit the possibility of transmission of COVID-19, daily cleaning of the room is carried out. Also, the change of clothing is done every 2 days, and the change of towels daily.  At the request of the visitor, the frequency may be reduced in order to promote the sustainability of the environment.


  • Aiming to fully inform our guests so that they feel safe, there is a housekeeping checklist posted in each room.


  • With a high sense of responsibility, at Arolithos, products used for the cleaning-disinfection of all areas, are specialized antimicrobial, cleaning products, approved by the National Organization for Medicines.


  • The laundry and ironing services of the clothing are performed by our staff, in our own facilities, in order to avoid outside contacts and have full control of the process.


  • Clean towels are delivered to our guests at their request, in a closed package.


  • All fabric surfaces are thoroughly cleaned at high temperatures with a steam cleaner.


  • The cleaning of all high-risk surfaces & objects (eg knobs, kettle, coffee machine, refrigerator, and sanitary ware) is meticulously carried out with the parallel use of antimicrobial-cleaning products and steam cleaners.


  • The TV and Air Conditioner controls are disinfected and placed in disposable covers when the guests leave and before the next ones arrive.


  • We make sure that adequate natural ventilation of the common areas as well as the rooms between stays is provided.

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